Employment practices and policies must serve to prevent lawsuits before they are filed.

Our preventive law attorneys help our clients to reduce their overall liability through a variety of pro-active approaches, including training, drafting policies, policy manuals and employee handbooks, arbitration clauses, and pre-termination counseling. We address matters concerning FMLA and workplace safety and health.

The plethora of laws administered by the EEOC, DOL, and NLRB, as well as state agencies offer up layers of regulation that require a specialized response. The attorneys at Brown Law Group partner with your lawyers, managers and human resource executives to steer a course to calm waters.

Knowledge is prevention

Education is an important component of preventive law. Our experienced attorneys can provide your HR administrators, in-house legal counsel and executives with training that will reduce your firm’s exposure to legal risk. The legal education that our attorneys provide will aid your company in the prevention of legal problems and the potential for litigation.

Our lawyers concentrate on areas such as environmental law, intellectual property rights, product liability, diversity training, sexual harassment prevention training and interviewing training.

We audit your existing procedures and policies to uncover areas of risk before they can expose your business to litigation. We can review contracts and provide mediation and other forms of dispute resolution as part of a total preventive law approach.

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