There is a special synergy that exists when a group of attorneys is assessable and focused on specific areas of law. Companies know they can turn to us. Our clients expect an additional level of expertise and we provide that expertise.

Employment and labor law is a primary practice area for us. The myriad of state and federal laws and regulations are expertly navigated at Brown Law Group. We are employment law litigators who advocate for management in matters as diverse as discrimination claims, wrongful discharge and wage or overtime disputes.

Business needs Brown

We provide our clients with the careful drafting and planning necessary to avoid adverse outcomes. When you are facing litigation, we provide accurate staffing, prompt evaluation of the case and cost-effective representation.

If you are an in-house counsel, an HR administrator or a member of senior management, you’ll appreciate the size and culture at Brown Law Group. We make communications and customer service easy and efficient. You will also welcome the insights we provide into the trends and developments that are ever-present in this complex area of law.

Our attorneys bring a depth of experience to the practice of employment law that includes protecting your interests and minimizing the financial penalties and disruption to your business that can result from protracted litigation.

Experience is Key

Whether aiding a general counsel or acting in the capacity of general counsel, Brown Law Group specializes in all aspects of the employer/employee relationship. Employment litigation and labor relations require a holistic approach that embraces prevention, identification, representation and litigation. Our attorneys have the experience and training to advise large employers and small business owners in all aspects of employment and labor law.

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