Brown Law Group engages in four primary areas of law. Our extensive experience in these specialty areas affords us with a level of confidence and knowledge that is beneficial to employers, fellow attorneys and all prospective clients.

Preventive Law

Avoiding a lawsuit benefits an employer through cost savings and by reducing the potential risk to a company’s brand and public image. At Brown Law Group, we take an innovative pro-active approach to preventive law that prepares our business clients with the skills, policies and written materials they need to prevent litigation.

Through the use of training, manuals, arbitration clauses, pre-termination counseling and by drafting policies, we prepare your company with the knowledge and resources to anticipate and prevent litigation. This cost-effective approach reduces the overall liability that lawsuits pose to a company’s reputation and balance sheet.

Our attorneys have extensive experience and training in the following specialized areas of preventive law:

  • Advice and Counseling
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Employment Policies
  • Employment Handbooks: Updating and Training
  • At-Will and Arbitration Agreements
  • Diversity Training
  • Interviewing Training
  • Good Faith Investigations
  • Termination Training
  • Performance Evaluation Training
  • Severance Agreement and Advice
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions

The workplace continues to become more complex every year with an ever-increasing number of laws. With several federal and state agencies overseeing the administration of these laws, the task for in-house counsel and HR managers becomes daunting. We help companies navigate their way through the layers of regulation that touch every aspect of their business.

Preventive law is not only for big business but can prevent costly litigation for small businesses also.

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Employment Law

Issues like discrimination and harassment on the job, wrongful termination and wage claims all require competent representation. The attorneys at Brown Law Group are specialists in this critically important and broad area of law.

Our attorneys have tried:

  • wrongful termination cases
  • discrimination and harassment claims based on race, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, other protected classes, public policy
  • whistleblower protection
  • wage and hour claims

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General Business Litigation

Our attorneys are well-versed in a broad range of general business and civil litigation. We understand your business and seek to minimize the disruption of litigation. Time is money and we seek to minimize the disruption to both. Brown Law Group employs innovative thinking to address class action litigation as well as complex multi-party disputes.

We have obtained favorable results for our clients. We have skillfully handled cases involving such matters as:

  • shareholder derivative claims
  • Indian gaming
  • trademark infringement
  • contract breach
  • fraud
  • licensing
  • trade secret
  • insurance
  • catastrophic injury
  • defamation

We bring our collective strengths and abilities to the table to seek a successful resolution based on practical solutions. Whether that solution involves pre-trial negotiation or aggressive representation at trial, we seek ways to minimize the disruption to your business.

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Real Estate Litigation

We are experienced at handling real estate transactions for both residential and commercial properties. We also handle litigation or disputes that arise from these transactions. Our experience includes work performed for several prominent lending institutions and real estate developers. Some of the services we have provided have included:

  • Lease disputes
  • Breach of contract allegations
  • Fraud claims

Our work on these cases has led to resolution through mediation, trial and the court of appeals.