2014 Ushers in a Multitude of Laws Affecting Employers

Don’t be caught unaware by the 2014 changes to employment laws that could directly affect your Company! Knowledge about these new laws and those that are on the horizon are the key to minimizing and attempting to prevent workplace claims.

What is new:

  • Expanded protection for whistleblowers;
  • New protections for current and former military members;
  • Recent clarifications of laws prohibiting sexual harassment;
  • New laws protecting an applicant’s criminal history.

Contact Valeina Jack at 619.330.1700 for more information or download the printable flyer for the 2014 Employment Law Update.

If you can’t attend our breakfast briefing, ask us for the materials.
These new laws, which went into effect on January 1, 2014, will require California businesses to revisit their policies and procedures to ensure they do not unwittingly expose themselves to liability for failure to modify their practices in accordance with the new legislation and case law. Employers are advised to consult with experienced employment counsel before revising or implementing their employment policies.
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