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Achilles Healing

Over four years ago, I tore my Achilles heel while in a boot camp class. There I was: over 50, huffing and puffing next to a young, nimble woman in her early 20s and my ego wanted to move to her rhythm. My body, unfortunately, had other plans, and I tore my Achilles. Initially, I blamed her for stomping on the back of my leg; but as the injury subsided, I realized my fading ego was what caused my injury.

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Our great State of California often sets the national standard on various social, economic and political fronts. One example of this is California’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) (Cal. Lab. Code, §2698 et seq.) However, since its adoption in 2004, questions have repeatedly been raised about PAGA’s purpose, use and effectiveness.

So you ask, what is PAGA?

PAGA deputizes private citizens and allows them to act on behalf of California’s Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) in seeking civil penalties for Labor Code violations. PAGA authorizes employees to bring a lawsuit “on behalf of themselves and others” on any violation of the California Labor Code, regardless of how small, technical, or short-lived the alleged violation.

Now that’s a lot for anyone to swallow. Keep reading to digest it further. (Pun intended.)

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The Fate of the ‘Stray Remarks Doctrine’

Employers are holding their breaths once again as they await the California Supreme Court’s decision in Reid v. Google Inc., expected in late August 2010. The already difficult legal landscape for California employers may become tougher to negotiate should the Supreme Court justices reject the "stray remarks doctrine," which has effectively prevented plaintiff employees from bringing tenuous cases of discrimination before a jury.

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Justices Weigh in on Employee Privacy Issues

Quon, the High Court must decide whether a reasonable expectation of privacy extends to text messages sent from a work issued paging device by an employee, and whether the employer’s review of the text messages was reasonable.

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Executive Profile – Stacy Fode

Stacy L. Fode is a partner and attorney at Brown Law Group, a boutique business litigation law firm specializing in employment law. The firm practices preventive law, which means that whenever practicable, it helps clients avoid lawsuits. BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY Essential business philosophy: Through an unwavering commitment to excellence and phenomenal teamwork, I seek to deliver […]

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Brown Law Group salutes BALANOMICS in its commitment to improve work/life balance, profitability, and productivity in the profession by enhancing the retention, promotion, and professional satisfaction of talented attorneys. To learn more about BALANOMICS, visit

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The $500,000 Question

No investment is a sure thing. But as every good business owner knows, without risk there’s no reward. If you had $500,000 to invest, what would you do with it? Would you make a personal investment or put it back into your business? How would make sure you get the most out of your money?

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Female Law Firm’s New Direction: Expand North and Hire Men

Janice P. Brown, owner and founder of the Brown Law Group in downtown San Diego, is always looking for that next rung. It’s just her nature. "I think that I’m on top of the mountain, and I look up and see the whole mountain range ahead of me," she observed. "I am constantly seeking improvement." […]

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Staying on Top of Business Law

The human resources department of a mid-sized corporation believes it has a handle on all the quirks and intricacies of employment law. It posts employee information on its bulletin boards, has employees read and sign employee handbooks, provides introductory orientation. It covers its bases, or so it believes, until the lawsuit materializes. It could have […]

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Executive Profile – Janice Brown

When San Diego attorney Janice P. Brown decided to go solo in 2003, she discovered that she was a much better businesswoman than she thought she could be. But she couldn’t anticipate everything.

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