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Meet the Team

The attorneys at Brown Law Group encompass a broad range of legal experience that complements our specialty areas of law. Each member of our team is well trained and educated in the disciplines we embrace. We have extensive experience with business litigation, preventive law, employment law and litigation, labor law, intellectual property law and real estate litigation.

We can provide clients with litigation avoidance strategies, instruction on practicing preventative law, corporate and employment compliance and federal and state employment law compliance advice. Brown Law Group attorneys bring passion, knowledge, experience and an intense commitment to the ethical practice of law to each of our disciplines.

Our attorneys have represented clients in:

  • wrongful discharge
  • sexual harassment
  • race and sex discrimination claims
  • whistle blower representation
  • employment agreement disputes
  • wage and hour compliance matters

We have actual trial and appellate experience.

Our team includes a dedicated litigation support staff that is well-trained and ready to meet the needs of our clients.

We support a clean environment

Our attorneys believe that environmental issues are important. We also feel strongly about the natural beauty of the San Diego area. It’s from this perspective that we have provided pro bono services to I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD). ILACSD works to promote regional awareness of environmental issues.

The attorneys at Brown Law Group are dedicated specialists ready to discuss your case.