There are Compelling Reasons to use Brown

Brown Law Group is different. We are connected. Our focus is specialized and effective. We know our business and how to help our clients. Every working day is spent engaged in our core competencies. The benefits we provide our clients are those of a specialist, acutely aware of the changing landscape of our areas of specialty.

One look at the backgrounds of our attorney contingent speaks volumes. We offer our clients’ decades of combined experience in the areas of employment law, labor law, preventive law and business law. Our small size allows for a level of collaboration that is not available in larger firms. We find that working together and sharing our combined experience brings real benefits to our clients.

Our Attorneys could Work Anywhere

Our attorneys have had opportunities to work for larger firms as well as national and international firms, but they have chosen to work at Brown Law Group. The culture at Brown Law Group produces a positive perception of every challenge. Our attorneys value this over working for a larger firm. This commitment to our culture and values affects our staff and clients in a positive way.

Our Clients are always In the Loop

One advantage of working with a smaller boutique firm like Brown Law Group is that client communications are a top priority. As a client, you are apprised of all significant matters that relate to your case. Our objectives and your objectives are aligned so that we are focused on meeting those objectives.

We are More than Litigators

Brown Law Group attorneys are litigators, but their skill set includes trial and appellate experience also. Appeals are not outside of our purview. We have a broad understanding of legal principles and arguments.

Preventive Law

The costs to an employer of litigation can be measured in lost revenues, reputation and a burden on internal resources. Brown Law Group practices preventive law as a core specialty. We believe our impact on a business’ health and future success can be directly attributed to this preventative approach.

Whether preventive law, general business litigation or employment law, Brown Law Group offers many opportunities to its clients that don’t exist elsewhere. A focused approach and special attention to client communications and the client experience are among them. Our attorney’s specialized knowledge and experience bring a wealth of benefits to our clients with a positive outcome always the goal.