At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that the client is satisfied. Do they believe that we did our job? Do they feel fully represented and did they get the sense that we listened and heard?

The client’s perception has to be aligned with our goals. Has our specialized knowledge and experience brought value to the client?
That is the litmus test we give ourselves every day. We want our clients to feel that we were both counselors and attorneys and were looking out for their best interests.

The experiences our clients share below speaks to what is important to us; attention to detail, thoroughness, professionalism and efficiency. In the end, a satisfied client affirms that we have achieved our goals.


Major Business Fraud Case

It is impressive to see someone with your strong determination in action. Even when representing a group with different opinions, opposing impossible challenges, you lead us to victory with grace and class. You are truly the essence of a “professional woman.”


Employment Advice

The Brown Law Group has been nothing less than fantastic. It’s extremely difficult to get bullied around by an employer and know that you have rights. The entire staff at Brown Law Group was knowledgeable, thorough, extremely attentive, and most of all . . . friendly. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me through an unfortunate situation and getting me what I was due.

General Counsel

SDG&E, a Sempra Energy Company

Sempra Energy has the luxury of selecting the law firms it utilizes. We like Brown Law Group for its honest, efficient and professional reputation. We are proud of our partnership with Brown Law Group.