Brown Law Group – beginnings

Brown Law Group found its beginnings in 1999 when attorney Janice P. Brown established its predecessor firm, the Vantage Law Group. The firm became Brown Law Group in October of 2003. Janice Brown had an established track record as a trial attorney with the Department of Justice and as a partner with Seltzer, Caplan, Wilkins & McMahon prior to establishing both firms.

Specialization has been Key to our Success

From its beginning, Brown Law Group has been a specialist practice, concentrating in just a few practice areas including business and employment litigation. The firm has reflected its founder’s commitments from the start; keep the firm a manageable size where everyone knows the clients and keep the focus on what the firm’s attorneys know best.

The firm’s core has continued to be the practice of preventive law, employment law and general business litigation, as it has since the beginning. Brown Law Group has earned the recognition of professionals in the community as the go-to specialist employment law firm.

Our Associates are Our Strength

In 2008, Stacy L. Fode became a partner in the firm. Brown Law Group’s client-focus and areas of specialization were enhanced by Ms. Fode’s experience with employment law and business litigation.

In 2013, Suzanne K. Roten became the third partner of the firm. Ms. Roten’s leadership and experience strengthens Brown Law Group’s expertise in defending its clients in the areas of discrimination, wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, retaliation and wage and hour disputes in state and federal courts and before governmental agencies.

To further strengthen the firm’s standing as an employment and labor law specialist, in 2014 Brown Law Group added Arlene R. Yang and in 2019 she became a partner in the firm.

The firm continued to grow in 2017 with Jordan R. Turner and in 2018 with Sarah Abshear, both joining the team as associates. In 2019, Sierra J. Spitzer joined the firm as Senior Counsel and Michael Pogrebinsky as an associate. All of Brown Law Group’s attorneys bring extensive, specialized experience to the firm to the benefit of its clients.

The attorneys at Brown Law Group, with their clear focus in three specific areas of law, have succeeded in meeting Janice Brown’s original goal of creating a law firm, of a manageable size, with an unambiguous mission.

Eastern thinking has helped attract Major Clients

With major clients including Allstate Insurance Company, CenturyLink, Conduent, Liberty Mutual, NBC, Toyota and United Parcel Service, Brown Law Group has built a reputation as a small firm that attracts big clients. Much of the success of the Brown Law Group can be attributed to the confidence of these major employers.

A holistic approach to law, where the work environment embraces balance and harmony, has always been at the core of Janice Brown’s vision. That concept of a law firm that embraces a collaborative style, where every component works together smoothly and efficiently, has been achieved.