Trial lawyers who understand preventative law, employment law, commercial litigation and general business litigation; Brown Law Group stands ready to help you today. As a leading San Diego business litigation law firm, Brown Law Group is a principled advocate for its clients.

Small enough to know who you are

Brown Law Group is a boutique firm, giving our lawyers and clients the opportunity for a more personal, client-centric engagement. The status of your case is not lost in the bureaucracy of a mega-firm. Your status as a client is known to all the attorneys in our firm.

We prize the long-term relationships we maintain with clients. We treasure the awareness that clients have of us as thorough, attentive, honest and professional. The practice of law does not exist in a vacuum. It’s about more than litigation. It’s about having a relationship with the client, helping out in the community and assisting fellow attorneys.

Our approach to working with clients

We check our egos at the door and focus on the needs of the client. We carefully staff cases so that we accomplish critical tasks ahead of their due dates. We bill clients only for the time we spend with them, not by piling up a lot of ancillary costs.

Real experience

Our lawyers have actual trial and appellate experience. We are not merely ‘litigators.’ Our attorneys have been invited to work in large national and international law firms, but work at Brown Law Group because of the close client relationships it affords them, the firm’s commitment to excellence and the positive work environment.

An outsourced solution for in-house law departments

Companies with in-house legal departments can capitalize on the experience and integrity of the Brown Law group. Brown will complement your existing intellectual resources with specialized knowledge of employment law and preventive law. When you need to sub out more complex issues to outside counsel, Brown Law Group will provide the expertise and insights that are needed to prevent litigation and employ innovative thinking.

Our expertise as a firm that specializes in employment law helps your firm to mitigate risk. We are also able to step in when a company is faced with a ‘crisis’ that is within the purview of our firm. Your company’s in-house attorneys may include generalists, industry lawyers, intellectual property lawyers or litigation attorneys.* We are preventive law and employment law specialists.

Aiding your legal staff

We maintain open lines of communication and offer the cumulative expertise of our entire staff of attorneys to ensure that we are complementing your current legal department. We maintain a culture at Brown Law Group that is conducive to an ‘ease of use’ modality. We align our objectives with your objectives. We can help reduce costly and complex defense maneuvers before they occur.

When there is an immediate concern that requires quick action, Brown Law Group can assist your company to implement a strategy that will focus resources on what’s most important. If a lawsuit does result, our attorneys are aggressive but practical advocates.

Brown Law Group helps companies prevent potential lawsuits through the careful review of contracts and by training employees. We can even help the General Counsel take preemptive steps to reduce the risk of personal liability. We monitor the impact on employment law of decisions like Armendariz (arbitration agreements) and Dynamex Operations West (independent contractors). We complement your work and mission with specialized knowledge.

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* Hildebrandt’s 2009 Law Department Survey